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Strawberry Kimono was started as a blog by Lyuba Johnson back on the last day of 2008. Since then her kimono style evolved into an internationally recognizable style, and Strawberry Kimono became one of the leading English-speaking kimono blogs. 


Lyuba is a self taught kimono enthusiast and has been wearing kimono regularly since 2006. She is originally from Ukraine, and after living in sunny Florida for 9 years, she is currently following her husband anywhere his job takes him. So far Lyuba has lived in the UK, but recently she came back to the USA, to the land of New Mexico. Her favorite way of wearing kimono is to combine western accessories with vintage kimono. She calls her kimono style Roaringly Modern, from her love of cloche hats, flapper hairstyles and Taisho era kimono. 


Lyuba is extremely passionate about kimono and always looks forward to the possibility of meeting like minded people along with sharing her kimono knowledge and enthusiasm anywhere she goes. She loves hearing from people, so please do not hesitate to contact her using the CONTACT tab above.


Photo by Amy Jo Fish Flores.

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