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Some tips and tricks on how to achieve Strawberry Kimono style.

Shorter Kimono

For many of us on the taller side, finding a kimono that's long enough can prove to be a problem. Make that problem disappear by wearing your kimono shorter to show off your western shoes. As an added bonus, kimono will feel less restrictive and it will be easier to walk in. 

If you buy kimono that are already too short to wear traditionally, then you will not have to worry about extra fabric to hide. 

Watch out for smaller wingspans, as shorter kimono tend to have comparably small sleeve-to-sleeve measurements.




​​Western Shoes
You don't have to wear only zori and geta with your kimono. Instead, use this opportunity to showcase your style by wearing your favorite western shoes. 

My favorite type of shoes to wear with kimono are ankle high boots, but in reality anything will work. I have worn flats and knee high boots, high heels and platforms, and it all looked great. 

Make sure to not forget to wear your kimono shorter, as you will walk differently in western shoes than in zori. You naturally would want to take bigger steps in western shoes, so shorter kimono will help make walking easier and more graceful. 

Western Accessories

Don't be afraid to experiment with belts instead of obijime, to wear earrings or hats, and fun socks with your outfits.

Large Bags

I am a firm believer that large bags are a must in everyday outfits.
I personally prefer them, not only because of the way they look, but also because I love being able to fit anything I could possibly need in my bag.


If large bags are not your cup of tea, then simply wear the size you like the most. It all will look great with kimono, I promise.

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