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Immortal Geisha colors inspired kitsuke

Hello everyone,

After an extremely long break in blogging I'm going to try and give it another chance. My old blog on Blogger is still there, but now that I have a site I feel like it's pointless to write there when I can write here instead.

I haven't been wearing kimono much in the last years for a variety of reasons, but I suddenly got the urge to put one on. I also got the idea of wearing a coordination inspired by newly re-opened Immortal Geisha forum, which meant finding anything I have in pink and blue/turquoise.

The place where I live has pretty funky weather - it can go from hot to cold in a span of hours or days. I believe in being comfortable in any weather, so I picked this very thin hitoe kimono (almost summer weight) to wear. It was glorious! Not hot, not cold, but just perfect!

Overall I'm pretty happy with the coordination, especially considering it was last minute decision to even wear kimono!

#kimono #kitsuke #strawberrykimono #kimonostyle #westerngirlkimonostyle #vintagekimono

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