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New York, New York.

It’s hard getting back into blogging when I haven’t done it in years! It’s even harder to get back into kimono when, after living in the same place for over 4 years, I’m still as down about that as I was the day I arrived.

Clovis is not good for my kimono inspiration, but I have wonderful kimono friends that are always there for me and make sure to talk to me and, occasionally, drag me out of Clovis. In the middle of October justhat had happened - Naomi of Immortal Geisha basically told me that I HAD to go to New York with them. And I did!

I’ll share more stories and photos in the next weeks but for now, let me tell you, it was the most amazing first time REUNION of kimono friends ever!

The kimono travel bug hads bitten me and has bitten me hard! Next time, come and visit me in Albuquerque or Santa Fe!

- Lyuba

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