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Fudangi Friday #1

While riding the train back to the airport, Naomi and I started talking about the casual kimono and how it should really be worn more often and the idea of Fudangi Friday was born. Anyone and everyone is invited to participate and the only requirements are:

- wear a casual kimono

- post on Friday

- tag your post with #fudangifriday

While we both love casual kimono, our styles can’t be any more different. Naomi is primarily interested in casual everyday kitsuke the way it was worn during Taisho ans early Showa and I’m primarily interested in wearing kimono casually in general and making it work for my own style. Whatever your stile might be, I want to encourage you to just go for it! Wear kimono, don’t worry about having an ocassion (because let’s face it, most of us won’t have any ocassions) and have fun!

For my first coordination I’ve used the recently-widened vintage hitoe kimono. My idea is to wear one kimono with several obi to show different coordinations. I love mixing and matching and have favorite pieces I always reach for, so I hope this might be helpful to those who have limited collection.

My kimono has roses, my obi has roses and my pin is a rose. I mean, how couldn’t I? I had to pair them all together!

Please take a note of my haneri - it literally goes with EVERYTHINF! I have trouble using any other haneri right now 😆

The pin is a gift from my mom. As far as I can tell, it’s made from leather. My mom always looks for pins and other accessories to send me - she has an amazing taste and I get the benefit of it!

#strawberrykimono #kitsuke #kimonostyle #fudangifriday #casualkimono #kimonocoordination #wafuku

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